Procedures and Policies

There are established systems and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities – laboratory, library, sports complex, computers, classrooms etc. Response: The following two facts are evident that there are established system and procedures for maintaining and utilizing physical, academic and support facilities LABORATORY: Utilization: All the labs are used for the conduction of regular academic activities as per the time-table which is prepared before the commencement of every semester. Maintenance: Before the commencement of each semester, lab in-charge checks the stock of consumable resources and working condition of the lab equipment. After the approval from the concerned authority purchase of resources or repair of work of the non-working equipment is undertaken. LIBRARY: Utilization: The transaction of books in library is done in the register. The students aspiring to use reading room have to enter their details such as name, department, login and logout time in the register kept at the entrance of the library. Maintenance: Qualified library staffs are employed for the maintenance of the library. The budget allocation is made at the beginning of every financial year for the maintenance of the library. Based on the requirement given by all the subject faculties, the chief librarian prepares the consolidated list of the books and Journals to be purchased and seeks the approval from the management. SPORTS FACILITY: Utilization: The sports facility is made available to all the students throughout the year. Any sports equipment required by the students is given to them after duly entering in the register maintained by Physical Education Department. Maintenance: Maintenance of the sport complex is supervised by PED. Any sports equipment/facility required for the students is proposed to the higher authority by PED. The procurement of all the equipment/facility is carried out after the approval from the higher authority. COMPUTERS: Utilization: For labs, computers are used as per the time table prepared at the beginning of every semester. Maintenance: All the computers are covered under AMC. If any additional software or upgrading of the computers is required, the requirements are proposed to the higher authority. CLASS ROOMS: Utilization: Classrooms are used for the regular academic activities (teaching and examination) as per the time table. Maintenance: The maintenance of class rooms such as cleaning is carried out with the help of house keeping staff regularly. AUDITORIUM: Utilization: Auditorium is used for Cultural Programmes, Examination, Assembly and to celebrate any national and international days. Maintenance: The maintenance is carried out regularly. SEMINAR HALL: Utilization: Seminar halls are utilized to conduct seminars, workshop etc. The prior permission will be taken by the Principal/HOD. Maintenance: Seminar halls are maintained by the respective departments regularly. The various facilities like canteen and parking facility are maintained by respective service providers. The Gymnasium and playgrounds are maintained by PED. Fire safety equipment’s installed in various blocks, maintained by the respective department.

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Procedure & Policies